Art in Motion Denver Summer 2011

Summer classes, workshops, trainers, events


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Art in Motion

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Speaker Bios


 Vera Allen aka True V. Vera has been an active artist in music and fashion design since her youth. She grew up in the checkerboard area of the Eastern Agency of the Navajo reservation where sewing and singing were her favorite things to spend her time doing. Having been an African American woman who grew up on the margin of the marginalized, Vera has a detached but thoughtful insight on race that has been rounded out with an education in sociology focusing on African/Chicano American and Women’s studies. Vera Allen is first a mother, then a wife, and she squeezes art and activism out of every ounce left. Vera is currently the Director of Programming for MTN, a public access television station in Minneapolis, MN. She does outreach work to attract young women of color into the field of media art. It is her greatest ambition to create a new model for public access tv in which news is paramount and told by the actual residents of the community: her favorite dream of social justice,



Jeff “Apostle” Campbell Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Cleverly disguised as a literacy teacher by day, A.P.O.S.T.L.E. transforms into a lyrical superhero for justice by night. His super powers include, a dynamic wordplay and vocabulary which he uses to masterfully conquer social issues, mass media, corrupt politicians, and sucka emcees all in a single bound. By joining forces with fellow superhero DJ Quest, this dynamic duo’s live performance is easily the most powerful Hip Hop stage show in the universe.

The new Album, Lyrical Activism features DJ Quest (Bulletproof Space Travelers), Viveca Hawkins, and fellow Heavyweight Dub Champion member Stero Lion. Lyrical Activism features beats by Etheric Double (Resident Anti-Hero), and was co produced by legendary producer Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Consolidated, MC 900 ft Jesus). The electro-dub-hop sound-scape is the perfect surface for A.P.O.S.T.L.E.’s intensity. He’s created a lyrical force field where materialism, misogyny and nonsense rhymes cannot penetrate. By contrast to the norm, listeners become engaged, informed and inspired. This leaves A.P.O.S.T.L.E. as the last man standing above a sea of mediocrity in a dying genre.

With an extensive tour history around the US in festivals and clubs with his former band Heavyweight Dub Champion, this soldier has earned his stripes as a live show veteran. He has additionally cultivated undeniable name recognition in his hometown of Denver CO. for his work as a grassroots community activist, performance poet, ghostwriter, and performer. Recently A.P.O.S.T.L.E. relocated to the Bay Area to combine all of these efforts into one project. Lyrical Activism is his definitive work that will definitely be an underground classic.

A superhero’s work is never done. There will always be crowds to rock, microphones to rip and injustice to address. Whether it be the clubs, parties, festivals, lecture halls, classrooms or street corners A.P.O.S.T.L.E. will be there. He has stepped up to answer the call of the masses of Hip Hop fans who are eager for change. We have waited long enough, the time has now come.







Adrienna Corrales. Adrienna is a Promotor@ and Project Coordinator and Community Health Educator for Sisters of Color United for Education .  For 16 years, she has been involved in community education, awareness and mobilization around reproductive health, human rights, media justice, and art as social justice. As one of the lead trainers for SISTERS, Adrienna developed the comprehensive, bilingual curriculum used in SISTERS 18-week holistic health-awareness Promotor@ training. Currently, she is working as the creator and organizer of specialized educational programs including; Colores Humanos/Art in Motion (a youth development and education program), “HipHipOsiums” (intergenerational conferences and trainings with community artists, students, organizations and urban youth to promote cultural literacy and urban survival through Hip Hop); and “Despierta – Urban Survival Guide” which has nation distribution and publisher of SPEECHLESS!:Street Culture Magazine.      



Belinda Garcia  6320_1050421075706_1681112135_102417_6386616_n Executive Director and Co-founder of Sisters of Color United for Education. Belinda Garcia, M.S.W., C.A.C. III, has 25 years experience in creating, developing and implementing ground-breaking human-service projects. In 1991, she established this nonprofit with the vision of advocating for health equity and improved quality of life predominantly for women of color, their families and their communities. Belinda earned a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from the University of Denver in 1994 and is a certified addictions counselor (C.A.C. III). She also teaches part-time at Metropolitan State College of Denver in the Chicana/o Studies Department, bringing cultural fluency to all students. In addition to her work with SISTERS, Belinda has extensive experience addressing the special needs of inner-city populations, developing health programs for women of color, and writing and publishing curriculum in reproductive health-education and rights. 




About Afya


Afya Ibomu

As an Author, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Entrepreneur, Freelance Journalist and Crochet Artist, Afya Ibomu has built a dynamic reputation in the past 10 years by consistently delivering on her promise to educate, guide and inspire people to live a healthy, natural, and creative lifestyle.

Growing up

Growing up in a single-parent home in St. Paul, MN., Afya was born to overcome obstacles and do things her way. She was born with a crooked hip and wore a hip brace for the first 2 years of her life. Afya was very sickly, stricken with allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a host of other ailments. She was shuttled from doctor to doctor and placed on various medications.

At 15, her mother found an allergy specialist who told her the foods she was eating might be contributing to her health problems. This information and the hip hop song “beef” by KRS-ONE motivated her to stop taking her medications, become a vegetarian, and begin her journey to self-healing.

With concern for her community and environment Afya was involved with progressive groups such as The African Student Alliance, and The Uhuru Movement, as well as eco-friendly activities. After high school, Afya was accepted to Florida A&M University. She decided that with a civil engineering major she could work hands on helping the environment. But her actual intern experiences, coupled with funding her own tuition, changed her mind. While in Florida she also met her boyfriend (now husband) and after 2 ½ years, she quit school and moved to NYC to find her true passion.


Afya was inspired by her family at a young age. Her grandmother was an entrepreneur who had her own day care and seamstress business. Afya would watch her grandmother make elaborate outfits and would frequent fabric stores where she learned about choosing fabrics and patterns.

In NYC, Afya got her first retail job as a sales associate. Within the first year and a half, she worked her way up to head merchandiser of one of the busiest stores on 34th & Broadway in Manhattan NY. While working one day a lady at her job showed her how to crochet. She caught on quick and soon crocheting became her hobby. Her crocheting hobby grew into a custom making hat business called, Who the Cap Fits. Afya began selling her designs at international arts fairs around NYC and boutiques up and down the east coast. Her designs soon began to adorn artists, such as; Erykah Badu, Common, and dead prez. Her hats have also appeared on album covers; Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu, music videos The Light video by Common, and magazines: Complex and Jet. In 2004, Afya received a publishing deal for her crochet pattern book from The Taunton Press. Her book, Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats and Cool Caps, will be released Nov. 7th 2006.


Afya’s love of food came from a rich heritage of Creole, Soulfood, and Midwest cooking. She would help her mother bake her annual holiday cookies, bars, and desserts. Living in Brooklyn, NY allowed Afya to be around some of the most progressive people in the natural health industry. She soon learned about being a vegan, taking herbs, fasting, and live food. Becoming a vegan, led Afya to start cooking again and she began to make her own recipes.

After working in retail for 3 years, Afya quit her head-merchandising job, took a cooking intensive course at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School and started her own catering business called Healthy Soil. She started making gourmet vegan desserts for health food stores around Brooklyn and at international fairs around NYC. Her apple pies became so popular that she was known as the “pie lady”.

Health Counseling

Yet another twist in Afya’s life would bring her to holistic healing. Afya’s mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Helping her mother to live a better quality of life through holistic health inspired her to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. After graduation, She began health counseling, teaching vegan cooking classes, and writing for various magazines, such as; Know Your Health- Minneapolis, MN; Free Magazine –Brooklyn, NY; San Francisco Bayview Newspaper, San Francisco California.

In 2003, Afya was the personal nutritionist for Erykah Badu and her family on the Worldwide Underground Tour. That same year, she also produced, directed, and starred in a collaborative TV show for a local cable station in Brooklyn called Mind, Body and Soulfood.

In 2005, Afya, created a nutrition guide called Vegetarian Sources of Protein. Which is currently sold in health food stores around the country.


Since her teen years, exercise has been a part of Afya’s life. In her early 20’s Afya began to practice martial arts. She took various forms such as, Wu Shu Kwan, Ile Ijala, Capoiera, and Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s style). In 2001,Afya was blessed with a child. Because of her natural lifestyle, she chose to have her child at home with a midwife. After 50 hours of natural labor she had a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. She also took yoga, tai chi, and African dance while pregnant with her son.

Now and the future

In, 2004, Afya moved to Atlanta with husband, stic man of dead prez, and their son Itwela.

Afya is currently the CEO of her holistic lifestyle company, Nattral Unlimited, LLC ( She is working on the 2nd installment of the book series Get Your Crochet On!, a vegan cookbook and she is a contributing writer to the monthly ezine, Free Your Soul: The Art of Living ( Afya continues to write articles, keep an active lifestyle and motivate her community.





The Mini Autobiography of of dead prez
What you do in life has a lot to do with the quality of what you are exposed to.” –, a noted music producer, book publisher, community activist, entrepreneur, actor, film director, practicing vegan and Afrikan martial artist, father and husband, and one-half of the politically conscious, internationally-acclaimed rap duo dead prez, has remained a staple in the entertainment business for nearly a decade. Breaking barriers and receiving countless accolades from the music industry’s most respected after releasing the debut dead prez album, Let’s Get Free (Loud RCA), stic and his partner M-1 were honored for “Lyrics of the Year” and nominated “Best New Rap Duo” of 2000 by The Source Magazine and shortly afterwards became the first rap group from the US to ever play South Africa selling out shows that featured the performance of their incredibly infectious hard-pulsating rap anthem “Hip Hop”. The songs’ popularity spawned a documentary and a movement entitled “Bigger Than Hip Hop” (Starz Cable Network) produced in association with legendary director Melvin Van Peebles, and was featured as the long-time opening theme song for the politically relevant, yet hysterical Comedy Central program “The Dave Chappelle Show” starring comedian Dave Chappelle.     

After years of successful movie and music projects/collaborations, national appearances and awards, stic continued to make strides in being a positive inspirational voice for today’s generation. He assumed the role as the CEO of Boss Up Inc., a dead prez inspired music and entertainment company that offers information, music, and gear that reflects a sense of self-determination, creative consciousness, and entrepreneurship. WWW.BOSSUPBU.COM. 

It was under Boss Up Inc. that stic released his second book, The Art of Emcee-ing , an instructional hip-hop book providing tips to emcees on vocal health, writing, publishing, and producing that was not only featured as a BET Rap City “Book of the Month”twice, but was also incorporated into music and cultural curriculums in high schools, universities and community programs around the country. His first book, Warrior Names from Afrika came after the birth of his son Itwela while searching for a meaningful baby’s name. This year stic’s Boss Up Inc will publish three more books. Afrikan Martial Arts: Discovering the Warrior Within, The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy (written by his wife Afya Ibomu), and lastly RBG Fit Club: A Revolutionary Beginner’s Guide to Fitness, Nutrition and Getting Goals Accomplished. 

Stic is also the founder and editor-in-chief of .Ammo Magazine, a monthly online subscription magazine that is charged with “arming” subscribers with access to a plethora of holistic street knowledge on revolutionary politics, health, self-defense, martial arts, edutainment, spirituality, parenting, money, relationships, and survival, business and more.

“Life is a series of serious choices, theories is formed from experience never mysterious forces ” –

Reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X profoundly transformed stic’s perspective on himself and the world around him, and he continues to incorporate those real-life warrior aesthetics into his music and lifestyle. In his teens, as an active member of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement he worked on a grassroots level in the streets of Florida, Chicago and New York building community programs and fighting for justice around local issues. 

The very personal issues of drug addiction and trafficking were tackled in the mixtape, Can’t Sell Dope Forever (Boss Up Inc.) a collaboration album with dead prez and the Outlawz, and in 2007 stic released his debut solo album Manhood (Boss up Inc.) that features cameo appearances by Khujo Goodie and Young noble of the Outlawz and stellar production by respected producers JWells, Sol Messiah, Hi-Tek and and stic’s own signature production delivering a mature and refreshing vibe, vision and very relevant voice. 

Stic is currently writing and producing for Nas’ upcoming album “Nigger” (Def Jam) and is also a featured actor in a short action drama “The Black Panther Blood Ties” (R.L. Scott). Stic, is also a real-life student of Afrikan Martial Arts (Egbe Ogun) and is the director and editor of the first ever Afrikan Martial Arts Documentary called The Way of the Black Fist, and is starring in the forthcoming Miramax martial arts flick “Slum 13”. Stic is determined to stay true to his roots residing in Atlanta with his wife of 15 years and 6 year old son, on a continuing mission to Boss Up!








E-Legal, Was born and raised in Guatemala, Land of the Quetzal, Mayan Empires and many Historical achievements also Darkened land by a civil war that lasted 36 years arrived in the United States in 1995 at the age of 16, since his native Guatemala music always Had a strong influence on him, in the middle of the eighties still being a little kid when Hip Hop from the Old School was in its heavy stages in the United States especially in N.Y. and L.A. E-Legal was already freestyling rhymes in the back of his school with two of his best friends.
Years went by and he kept growing up, after a wile he was more inclined with the listening crowd rather than the performing crowd, his favorite artist since a little kid wereGroups like Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Kid Frost and in the middle of the nineties before he got to the United States, the legendary Tupac Shakur Among others. Far away from his country everything changed, exactly a year after arriving to the united states the call from his Family and His Native Land made him go back to Guatemala, he stayed there for seven months and then came back to the North part of the American Continent for the second time in 1997, to the place that he will meet with the art of rhyming and writing once again but not before going thru all kind of trials and tribulations.
When he came back to the united states the second time he started writing, mostly poems about different things that he saw or experience at that particular time of his life but it wasn’t until after a few years later when a friend at his work took him to his recording studio that he started rhyming and writing songs once again. After a few times of going to his friend’s studio and recording with him an improvised song,
E-Legal went on a mission of writing more songs, this time grown up and with a different mentality after seeing and finding out about many things that happen around us and affect our lives E-Legal sees Hip Hop not only as a form of music but also as a way of thinking, expression and freedom of speech. Currently E-Legal lives in the state of California were he is working in a music project with other Emcees of the Underground.  
GZA (Wutang Clan)
DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill)
Defari (Los Angeles)
Immortal Technique (The Fillmore)
Strate Crooked (Guatemala)
Boca Floja (Mexico)
Akil Amar (Mexico)
Olmeca (Los Angeles) E-LEGAL is also the President and Founder of Somos Hip Hop RaDiO (SHHR) wich is a collective of Rappers and media from the U.S and Latino America Pioneering the Revolutionary Hip Hop en Español Movement in the United States since 2003 (www.Somoshiphopcom)     









Edgar Medina A.K.A.DJ Warlock one was born in Guatemala Central America, Immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 10 and grew up in the Mid City/Pico Union District and currently resides in south central Los Angeles, CA.In 1997 he was influenced by B-boying and DJing, two of the four elements of Hip Hop. In 2001 Edgar, Decided to stop dancing but kept on djing and worshiping the Hip Hop culture. Grown up around gang violence, social injustices and police brutality, Edgar has dedicated %90 of his spare time in music, expressing his surroundings and opinions through raw sounds and wicked drum breaks, Edgar has collaborated with various names in the revolutionary latin hip hop movement, currently active as a DJ programmer at Latin Hip Hop online radio station with founder Luis Ramirez AKA E-legal.

Faatma Mehrmanesh Faatma Mehrmanesh is a vegetable nerd, mudslinger, guerrilla nutritionist and anti-chef . She is a lover of food and people and the secret life of plants. Faatma sits on the Board of Directors of the Mile High Business Alliance and plans to change the face of business by opening a community owned and operated cafe in Denvers own Historic Five Points Neighborhood. Faatma is a long standing food justice activist, worker and food educator in and around Denver’s underrepresented communities. She is a mother of three beautiful children who create the force which drives her to champion sustainable communities and businesses across the Universe. She is honored to be able to share her knowledge wisdom and understanding with anyone who is willing to break some rules.

Rebel Diaz

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRebel Diaz came together at a critical moment in U.S. history. In early 2006, as Latinos throughout America found themselves under attack with anti-immigration laws, Rebel Diaz was in the streets of The Bronx, New York, organizing the community to fight against proposed racist legislation. As a result of strong activist work throughout the United States, Rebel Diaz was invited to perform their revolutionary music at the historic immigrant rights march in New York City in front of 500,000 people, who cheered loudly as they demanded power to the people and an end to immigrant scapegoating for America’s economic ills. In the months that followed, Rebel Diaz performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people in massive protests from Chicago to Washington D.C. The opportunity to speak to the masses is a direct extension of their political work in the South Bronx as well as their experiences growing up in Chicago as the sons and daughters of revolutionaries. 
The Afro-Boricua sister Lah Tere, with her powerful voice and sharp lyrical prowess, grew up in Chicago’s historic Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park. The daughter of revolutionary educators and survivors of Chicago’s notorious ghettos, Lah Tere’s soulful sound recalls memories of Iris Chacon, Jill Scott, La India, and La Lupe. Years of fronting a successful Salsa band while still in high school, along with her street credibility as a lyrical force to be reckoned with, have prepared Lah Tere for the even bigger stages still to come.  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket     






Lah Tere’s co-conspirators, Chilean brothers RodStarz and G1, round out the trio that is Rebel Diaz. Raised on the north side of Chicago by Chilean political exiles, a young RodStarz stayed off the streets by focusing his energy on breakdancing with the legendary Champions crew. It was only natural for him to proceed to begin rocking mics, beginning as a successful battle MC, and developing into a powerful songwriter of razor sharp lyrics filled with incisive social commentary. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 
RodStarz’ love of Hip-Hop culture was passed down to his younger brother G1 who began producing while living in the slums of his parents.. native Santiago, Chile during his teenage years. Combining elements from the Dirty South to South America, G1’s hard-hitting soundscapes and catchy songwriting is the perfect backdrop for RodStarz and Lah Tere’s important message.  ,Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket      






Using the power of hope and the struggles of the past as inspiration, these sons and daughters of revolutionaries express their wishes and demands for a just and compassionate world. In the streets of every ghetto across the world, one can hear the sound of people fed up with poverty and second-class citizenship. Rebel Diaz arises from these conditions to fan the flames of change through songs that inspire, educate, and celebrate life. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  








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CereMoniA y GRUB Fest “You are What you Eat” 8.5.09


Art in Motion Presents:

Soul’d Roots Conocimiento

Wednesday August 5th 2009-

Plaza de Aztlan – 2895 W. 8th ave


Promotor@s de Salud will host this evening  5:30pm – 8:00pm

Creators, health workers & food as medicine interactive platica

GRUB FEST – Come and eat – Bring Your Own Plates, Silverware, & Cups

Opening Ceremony will be in conjunction with:


 The food will be delicious, fresh, and satisfying. . . 
    fruita    la comida

Danzantes from various grupos will Open Ceremonia and welcome all guests who are visiting from Mexico, New Zealand, Minneapolis, New Mexico, California, Atlanta and across Colorado.

Danzantes de Colorado



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Multi-Media Making for Cultural Survival and Sustainability 8.6.09

Thursday August 6th – 

Various Spots throughout the City *RSVP FOR LOCATION 303.446.8800


9:00 – 10:00 – Yoga 

10:00-10:30am   Welcoming & Overview of weekend.

With inter-generational support and skills shares, participants will build multi-media projects about urban survival issues while highlighting community strengths through art and social justice.

 10:30-11:30- Youth Led Health Presentations

The topics will include discussion and creation of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional issues which effect the survival of our communities;  

  • culture & urban sustainability – mural – Jolt
  • sexuality & violence – dance – Southhall
  • tobacco & drugs – psa – 2kool
  • hiv & teen pregnancy – mixtape – Featuring Stic Man from Dead Prez
  • prison industrial complex – mc/poetry – Apostle  
  • Food as medicine – Afya


The group will create “where in the fog are you” multi-media projects which are tools to educate our communities and ourselves.

Participants will cross train for two hours, then they will responsible for creating an art and social justice multi media project.




The groups will be:

Murals – Guerilla Garden will be guiding this project    Culture & Urban Sustainability



Guerilla Garden


The final product will be a mural highlighting culture and urban sustainability which will be printed as postcards and posters.


Mixtape - Sex in the Concrete Jungle - Teen Pregnancy and HIV

Final product will be a mixtape hosted by Stic Man from Dead Prez with an educational insert that talks about Pregnancy, HIV and healthy sexuality.


Video- Making a PSA "Where in the FOG are you?" (public service announcement) - 2Kool Productions in conjunction with   - anti-Tobacco industry 


Mr. Biggs

Final product will be a video public service announcement highlighting human rights and anti-tobacco industry which will be distributed throughout Youtube through our local and national collaborators.


Dancing through life - Sexuality & Violence




Food as Medicine


Cocina - kitchen

Final Product will be a Food as Medicine Zine & Cookbook that will be nationally distributed as part of Despierta- Urban Survival Guide



prison industrial complex - mc/poetry - Apostle  and


Stencil Making will be doing live interviews with group participants throughout the day.

Final Product will be a spoken word CD that will be put to independent musicians musical melodies and distributed through our national collaborators

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Holistic, Indigenous Community Health Fair 8.7.09

Friday August 7th

Community Health Fair *Free Parking*
St. Cajetans – Auraria Campus

St Cajetan’s Chapel 1190 9th Street, Denver, CO, 80204

8:00am – 10am  Meet & Greet – 

Mexican Folk Healing featured Speakers

Dr. Eliseo “cheo” Torres, Vice President for Student Affairs, University of New Mexico

Dr. Arturo Ornelas Lizardi, Directo of El Centro de Desarrolo Humano Hacia la Comunidad in Cuernavaca, Mexico

1o:00am- Ceremony

10:15am-2:00pm workshops including:

* Meso-American Massage Techniques
* Remedios (remedies) including discussion on plants
* Limpias (Cleansing)
* World Changes of 2012
* Sound and Healing


 Holistic, Indigenous Community Health Fair & First aid training       2:00-7:00

*This will be a Donation based health clinic which will offer the following services;

* Curanderos from Mexico will be available to do massage and traditional healing modalities

In addition to our other local health and body workers who will be doing:
* MassageMassage * Body Talk



* Nurse

Nurse doing HIV antibody test with CHIP
* Reiki   * PA   * Neuro-muscular work    * Acupuncture



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